¿Are you good at math? ¿Do you love algorithms and big data?


Be our intern!

The Innovation Team at the Municipality of Curridabat in Costa Rica is looking for students to help us design and implement algorithms for our aplication Yo Alcalde

It does not matter what you study, whether politics, sociology, engineering, math or coputer science. Do not hesitate in contacting us if you want to bring your knowledge in big data and algorithms into action and help our local community.

How to participate?

Contact us via our email avisame@curridabat.go.cr. Please send your CV and a cover letter. We are looking forward to meeting you.

What if I want to participate, but in another topic?

Most likely your knowledge will be appriciated here in Curridabat. Send us your CV and cover letter, and we can explore different topics with our innovation team.

Hey, you don’t even need to be here! We prefere if you could travel to Costa Rica, and we can help in any paperwork required, but we could also work remotely, if needed.